i’m john and this is my path

  i'm john Kite and this is my path I m john and this is my path

Being a water competitor and growing up around the sea it is something that is a piece of life. Being naturally introduced to a family that was at the shoreline constantly, I grew up having a couple of decisions; to either play in the sand or get out on the water.

When I think of the past year

John kiterWhen I think of the past year, in my experiences traveling, my friends, my family and my school, I am always smiling because I know I am living my dream. I can not wait for the following events of the PKRA and all trips that await me. I look forward to meet more people, which will wind with kite and cultures in which I can immerse myself.

When I started surfing

When I started surfing and getting waves all alone I was in a split second energized and that was the start of what I would call my life’s fantasy, to be a surfer.

In the wake of getting my folks

Johnkite competitionIn the wake of getting my folks to take me to go surf ordinary toward the south shore of Maui, I was rapidly transforming into a surfer and somebody who could just discuss one thing, and that was surfing! One thing is forsure, the reason I Windsurf, Kitesurf, Stand Up Paddle, Tow-in surf, Foil load up, Canoe Paddle, Body surf is on the grounds that I need to be a surfer 100% of the time, and having a fabulous time!